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My name is Samantha Bell, and I'm excited you stopped by Art Made Easy!

Do you know a child who wants to learn to draw or paint? Or are you ready to start drawing? Maybe life's kept you busy with other things, but now you're ready to tap into your own creativity. Then this site is for you.

"Nature Drawing" by Vijayendra (India)

At Art Made Easy, you'll find lessons, ideas, tips, resources, and links to sites to help you as you create your own works of art. Just remember, as with any new skill you're learning, you improve with practice. But, if you're like me, you'll have a lot of fun as you do. 

"School Days" by Elizabeth White (USA)

Ready? Let's start creating! 


 Noodle and me just posing, not painting. :)    

For Kids Who Love Nature:  CreationShouts.com

Drawing Course from Artist Nolan Clark

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