We’re back! It’s been an incredibly busy spring for me, but I’m finally back on track with the newsletter. :)

I am so excited about Art Made Easy! For the past couple of months, I have been working on an art curriculum for children, and I can’t wait to share it with you! Over the next two months, I’ll be posting the lessons on this site – by the end of the summer, there should be 60+ new lessons in drawing, watercolors, pen & ink, scratchboard, pastels, and more! I’ll let you know as new lessons are added.

You may have seen the page on the site where I sell original Portraits in Pencil.

As a special thanks to subscribers, you can receive $10.00 off the portrait price. Just mention the newsletter in your email.


This is a fun exercise, and a good one to try before the new school year begins. Have your child choose one or two pictures (coloring pages work well for younger children) and draw them BY HIMSELF/HERSELF without any help. Then, instruct your child to sign his name to the artwork, write the date on the back, and give the drawings to you. Put the drawings in a special place for three months, six months, the school year, etc. Then give your child the SAME pictures to draw again. When he or she is finished, you will both be able to compare the first drawings with the later ones. It’s fun to see how much your child’s drawing has improved!

Have a great month, and look for more updates on the site. Keep creating!


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