Egyptian Shooting Club's

Children's Artwork Festival

From Dr. Tarek Hassan, Creative Art Director:

"On behalf of the Egyptian Shooting Club's Art Committee, we cordially invite you to participate in our 4rd annual Children's Art Work Festival for the year 2010.

The Egyptian Shooting Club's Art Committee was founded in 2005, with the ultimate goal of improving children's artistic skills and capacities. We mainly target children within the age bracket of six to 18 years old.

In 2007, the Children's Art Work festival was inaugurated, not only to encourage artistic and talented children through the opportunity to display their artwork, but also to provide fostering opportunities for the different social and sporting clubs allover Egypt to participate in a well organized and fairly competitive contest.

The Festival is keen on adopting a scientific and fair approach in managing the contests. Arbitration is carried out by high caliber Art Professors, with specialty in children's artwork. Winners' prize awards are distributed by and under the auspice of well-known Artists in the field.

Due to the success of the festival in building a very positive image concerning its organization, arbitration, and prize awarding, the festival's audience and attendees are enormously growing despite the festival's short and fresh existence. In November 2007, participating clubs were five clubs, with a total number of participants amounting to 315. In November 2008, number of participating clubs more than doubled reaching 12 clubs, and so did the number of participants reaching 503 participants. In November 2009, number of participating clubs more than doubled reaching 15 clubs, and so did the number of participants reaching 713 participants.

This annual festival is sponsored by the Egyptian Shooting Club and it will be held on November 2010 at the Egyptian Shooting Club.

We look forward to your active participation in this festival. Please send us a confirmation letter if you agree to participate. Confirmation letters can be forwarded to the following email address or to the email address

Fax: +202-33374633.

Or you can contact me on: +2012-2329650 /+2012-5516744 for any information.

Upon receiving your confirmation letter, we will send you the festival application form.

Kindly accept our sincere and warm regards."

~Dr.Tarek Hassan / Creative Art Director