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Finally, the August newsletter is here! This has been one of the busiest summers for me art-wise – three art camps, a one-day watercolor class with thirty children, and several private lessons at home. But I have to say, I learned a lot, and I think the kids did too.

During one of the art camp lessons, the students completed two similar assignments with two very different results. They chose a photo of a landscape – some were from magazines, others from old calendars (a great resource!), and then they sketched it lightly on their paper. They filled in the colors of the landscape with oil pastels, creating pictures rich in vibrant colors. For the second class, they drew the same landscape again, but this time used soft pastels to complete it. The techniques used to create the painting were as different as the pictures themselves.

This is a good exercise when trying any type of new media – not only will you discover which medium you prefer to use, but you’ll be able to clearly see the differences in the final pieces.

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BOOK REVIEW: Cartooning: the Only Cartooning Book You’ll Ever Need to be the Artist You’ve Wanted to Be

One of the classes I taught during the art camp was about drawing cartoons – a favorite with artists of all ages! When preparing for the class, I came across this wonderful book by Art Roche. It takes the reader step by step in creating original cartoon characters – an easy method to follow for both children and adults. Highly recommended!

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Summertime Collage


Half-sheet of posterboard (It’s heavier consistency will hold up to the weight of the items used)

Colored construction paper

Glue (Choose white glue instead glue sticks)

Small disposable dish or plate

Cotton swab (for applying the glue)

Summertime nature items: seashells, sand, pressed flowers, feathers

Other items: ribbon, yarn, buttons, beads, cloth, summer photos, etc.

As summer winds down and school begins again, a collage is a fun way to remind us of summertime fun. A collage is a piece of artwork formed by assembling other items, creating a whole new picture.

First, place on the table all of the items that your child can include in the collage – make them all clearly visible. Pour a small amount of white glue on the disposable dish – you can always add more if needed. Then instruct your child to begin choosing and gluing the various items on the poster board in any design or fashion. He can either use his finger to apply the glue, or he can use a cotton swab if he doesn’t like getting messy.

There’s no right or wrong when making a collage – this is a great activity for children to use their imagination and be creative!

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