TAP Art Contest


From the TAP Art Contest Website:

Teachers Against Prejudice is pleased to invite students to participate in our Eighth Annual Art Contest, commencing August 11, 2012. This contest is open to all students in elementary grades one through four, including students from private and public schools as well as home-schooled students.

Theme: Fashion and Culture

Clothing and culture often go together. Maybe you have seen people in your neighborhood, place of worship, school, or on television wearing traditional, religious, ceremonial, or ethnic clothing that you thought was beautiful, "cool," or interesting to wear.

Draw a picture of someone wearing your favorite traditional, religious, ceremonial, or ethnic clothing. It could be from your own cultural background or someone else's. Please include a title or short explanation of your picture.The subject of the artwork entry is to be the student's personal expression of "Fashion and Culture" and may be in either descriptive or abstract form. Artwork will be judged on originality of design, clarity of theme message, and artistic merit.

Participation: Entrants will be divided into two groups by grade:

  • Group A -1st and 2nd grades, as of September 1, 2012
  • Group B -3rd and 4th grades, as of September 1, 2012

Prizes: There will be two prizes in each group:

  • First place: $150
  • Second place: $100

(Prizes of comparable value will be awarded for those who reside outside of the United States.)

Entry Requirements:

Only one piece per student. Entry may be a painting, drawing, collage, or other 2-dimensional work only. Entries should be submitted by October 15, 2012, and should be accompanied by the Contest Entry Form.

Only digital files will be accepted; photos or scanned images of artwork must be submitted in jpeg format (high resolution). Files may be emailed or sent on CD. We will not accept hard copies of artwork.

TAP reserves the right to copy and modify any entry for reproduction. Entries will become the property of TAP. TAP's mission is to work with students and educators from elementary school to college on issues dealing with prejudice and discrimination through the critical exploration and examination of television, film and other media.

is a non-profit, grassroots, volunteer organization created by and for educators, students, parents, concerned citizens and community leaders. Our national office is in Connecticut and our members are from all over the world.

For details and entry form, click here.

Deadline for Submissions - October 15, 2012 (midnight)

Results decided by December 15, 2012; announced by January 31, 2013


Drawing Course from Artist Nolan Clark