Art Around the Web

I love looking at art!  I'm so often amazed at the incredible work people are able to do. I love looking at what others create and trying to figure out how they did it. 

By studying the work of others, you can discover what kind of art you like (as well as what you don’t like), find what inspires you, and give yourself direction as you pursue your own artistic style.

Art is never stagnant, because people don’t stay the same. Our various life experiences affect us in different ways, and our responses to those experiences are often revealed in the art we create. 

Below are links to various sites where you can view art from around the web. You'll find links to sites of contemporary artists showcasing work you may not have seen before as well as online art museums. New sites will be added periodically, so be sure to check back. Take a minute to peruse the sites and see what type of artwork catches your eye. And of course, be sure to visit your local art museum.

Know of an artist who's work you'd like to share? Just drop me an email at info at

Adams, Alan Ace. Scratchboard 

Antonov, Alexei. Oil Painting - Old Masters

Art in Tropical Australia

Cook, Venita. Abstract Photographer and Painter

Frechette, Louise. Pasels and Oils - Seascapes 

Gaddini, Norman. Scratchboard 

Hillberry, J.D. Charcoal and Pencil

Kullberg, Ann. Colored Pencil

Lee, Karen. Children's Illustrator

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