Art Classes

Are you looking for an art class in your area? On this page, I'll be listing the classes and workshops I have scheduled. You'll also find classes around the country in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and crafting; these will be listed by region.

Do you have a class (your own or one you've attended) that you'd like to recommend? Just drop me an email at info at

United States 


Viridian Art Academy (Tarzana) - Maria Galloway, instructor. For children ages 5 and up, these classes focus on creating life-like drawings and paintings.

Mission: Renaissance (Southern California - 19 locations!) - Fine art classes for children, teens, and adults. 

South Carolina

Doodlebugs Fun Art Studio (Darlington)- Jenny Altman, instructor. Offers art classes for children and adults, an after-school enrichment program, home school classes, private lessons, studio time, art camps, and art parties. 

Metropolitan Arts Council (Greenville) - Listing of classes in the area 

United Artisans Studio (Fort Mill)- Shelley Lapham, instructor. A unique children's art program that combines learning, creativity, and art exploration with a whole lot of fun! Classes include Amazing Mosaics, Painting on Canvas, Creating with Clay, Mixed Media Art, Watercolors, Oil Pastels, 3D Art, Sculpting and more! 


Meade's Art Studio (Centreville) - Pencil, Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Other Media 


RB's Little Masters - where creativity, passion, fun, talents, and skills all come together to create magical wonders. Rajesh H Buhecha, instructor. 


Marks and Splashes Home study course on illustrating for children 

Oil Painting Techniques and Lessons - Learn How to Oil Paint 


Bob Ross Oil Painting 

Jerry Yarnell School of Fine Art Acrylics, Watercolor, and Oil Studies 

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