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"Snow Leopard" by Emily C.

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Elizabeth J. White 
I am a visual artist in Easley, SC I have exhibited, in Anderson, Greenwood, Easley Pickens, Charleston, Columbia and Greenville, SC I am currently …

Pastel on velour , a study of Billy Wiz , my pet rabbit

Choi Young 
General Choi Young was a great from Goryeo Dynesty (South Korea). His personality as humble person who practiced his father's last words through out …

This is a Graphite Pencil drawing of a White Tail Buck size 22 x 18. The drawing was done on Strathmore 400 series/Best paper.

A Lake 
hi,i am shanthi from India i am a housewife.This is colourful painting.:)

god ganesha 
Hi, I am shanthi from India,I am a housewife.I LOVE ART. The first artwork is made of grains n pulses.Its very big. My second artwork is a glass painting. …

This drawing is done in Graphite pencil on Bristol paper 13 x 18. Challenges were shading to grasp definition, in hair detail in the main to show flow. …


Smiling snow leopard 
Watercolor on watercolor paper. Size: 6.5"x10"

Painting on egg shells 
One night my younger daughter was suffering from cold, she couldn't sleep and taking turns and kicking me. As I was disturbed in half sleep, I couldn't …

American Rose 
Hi! I just wanted to share one of my own favorite paintings. This picture was created with acrylic paint while I was pregnant with my youngest, stationed …

every one told its good:)

This is my first art piece in oil painting.

King of the Jungle 
This is a pencil drawing of a male lion. I've just started learning to draw (a month ago) and I enjoy making animals come to life on paper.

Art by Elizabeth J. White 
Hey There My art is about things I have saw or experienced, landscapes to portraits and Sunsets , To Mountain Peaks I have work on …

Pastel pencil on velour

here is pics of animals that i like to draw,the cheetah is one that i just drew one day,and the dogs(the white is n american bulldog,the black one is a …

owl painting on glass 
Hi,I'am Oka from Indonesia, this is my experience painting on glass :) hope u like it...

my pencil work 
hi m kokal.i love any type of art.i love to draw anything thats feel me happy.i also love oil paintings.

Flowers ( Glass Painting ) 
This is my first glass painting i have done .......

Fabric painting 
This is a simple art work on readymade printed cotton cloth........

blue jay 
This is single stroke acrylic work on 16"x20" canvas

Prateek R. 
Hi guys my name is Prateek, I am from a small village names Akot in Akola District. I am a undergraduate BMS student from Mumbai University. I like pencils …

Krishna n Radha 
Hi, i am shanthi. i am a housewife.i luv drawing. This is lord Krishna n Radha.:)

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Hi,I am shanthi,i am from india i am a housewife.this is a glass painting of a fisher women. hope u il like it!!!:)

Donald duck 
hi, I am Shanthi,from INDIA this is a glass painting of cartoon

Moods of Zip 
This a pencil drawing of a friends prize stallion. The objective was to grasp 5 different moods of the the stallion. It was drawing in Graphite pencil …

midnight watcher 
i do many dragons and are at a young age so many of my class mates are wowed by my art. i hope to gain a job in art someday.

Derpy Dog 
Via colored pencil on 8.5x11in paper. A request by a dear friend of mine. :)

Classic Americana 
I grab inspiration from almost anything, anywhere, anytime or place, I look at something then try to capture and put my take on how I see it. Hope you …

Peace in the Valley 
I've worked over forty years in construction and never taken the time to do much artwork, although I love it. The slow economy has given me more time …

wonder woman 
hi,,, my name is Cut Putri Ayasofia, am Indonesian. :)you know? as moslem girl, i draw a nice suit as moslem custom that really famouse in indonesia. yup, …

cartoons' drawing 
i used pencils colors to make it,i made it on a sand paper,on an A4 paper. i was so appy to see my art finally finised. …

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