Bear Drawing

On this step by step drawing page, you'll be creating the bear drawing above. Begin by printing out these pages, as you'll be drawing directly on the printed paper.

Notice the second bear picture is missing a leg. Look at the first picture to see how the leg is drawn. On the second picture, draw the missing leg.

On the third picture, you will see that the bear is now missing TWO legs. On this picture, draw in the missing legs.

In this next drawing, the bear has also lost his eye, nose, mouth, and ear. Looking at the first bear, fill these parts in, along with the two missing legs.

The bear has now lost his entire head! Draw it back for him, along with the other missing parts. Now you can clearly see the lines which form the remaining ear. Notice the shape of the other lines and where they connect to each other. This is a big part of drawing. Drawing is seeing.

The bear's whole body is gone now. Fill in the missing parts.

There's only a leg left on this bear, so you need to draw everything that's missing.

Great job! Now try drawing the whole bear, looking at the first picture as a guide. You've created your own freehand bear drawing!