by Trazzy26
(United States)



Here Is Wolf drawing that I'm proud of doing. I've been drawing animals since I was 6 and right now I'm currently 14 years old, hoping to improve each new day.

You may not use any of my artwork without my permission.

Comments for Bliss~

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Thank you so much everyone!!~<3
by: artist of the artwork c:


;o; Thank you so much everyone!!<3
by: The artist of the artwork c:

c: Thanks!!!

Love it
by: Savannah

Hi im your age and i also love to draw animals i have drawn animals since a very young age and i just wanted to say that drawing is amazing x

good work
by: anna

WOW its really cool how did you draw it
its really really super cool :)

by: unknown artist that is yet to be discovered!

i love drawing animals it is so fun plus i'm better at drawing animals than people but anyway ...that is a rlly cool drawing nice work keep up the drawing!

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