Cat Drawing

For this step by step drawing page, you'll be creating the cat drawing above.

Begin with the largest shape you see: the body of the cat. Loosely sketch the shape. The reason for beginning this way instead of with solid, defined lines is to ensure that the size fits your paper and the placement on the paper is correct (you don't want the rest of the cat running off the edge).

Next, sketch in the smaller shapes you see. As you add the head and ears, draw lightly, as some of these lines will be erased when you finish the drawing. Again, think about proportion and placement.

Now add the tail and the front legs.

You're almost done! You've drawn the cat in shapes, and it fits well on the page. Now go back and add the well-defined lines, going over the lighter sketches you made before. Add the eyes, nose, mouth, and whiskers.

As a final step, go back and erase any stray lines you see. This should be easy if you drew them lightly.

Great job! You did it!

NOTE: Often children under eight have a hard time understanding the concept of drawing the shapes first. If you are working on this lesson with a child, concentrate instead on following the solid lines, paying particular attention to the shape of the lines and where they connect.


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