Get Your Child Drawing, Painting, and Creating!

Are you ready to get yourself or your child started in art? Before you begin, be sure to read about why children should learn to draw, and why they should study art as they do.

Ready to get your child drawing? Here are some less formal, fun art activities you can try with your child to get her started:

Art Ideas for Kids This is a list of parent-directed activities you can do to get your child drawing:

Art for Preschoolers: Preschoolers love Art! Art activities for the VERY young!

Dot to Dot Drawings for Ages 3 - 6: No numbers here, so as soon as their fine motor skills allow, they can “draw” these pictures.

Coloring Pages: Print, trace, and color these pictures. Come back again and see what new pages have been added.

Creating a Nature Journal: Nature journaling is a great activity for adults and kids alike. Get started on a nature journal today!

Young Artists Workshop This site by artist/illustrator Kevin Collier features video clips that show young artists step by step how to create fun cartoon characters.

Drawing Lessons For Older Children: The free drawing lessons on this website are do-able by students ages eight and up with adult guidance. Go through the lessons with your child, starting with Lesson One, and try them out together.

Find More Drawing Ideas Create your own photo reference file of subject possibilities.