Cody's Art Gallery

by Cody

Cody loves to draw. Being only 6 years of age most of her pics relate to her family or items within her home. She like to watch art programs and pauses the tv to learn how to draw things. I would like to encourage this talent as she said she wants to be an artist when she grows up!!


Comments for Cody's Art Gallery

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real wee artist in the making
by: linda dornan

real wee artist in the making.

A star in the making
by: patricia keraghan

Cody ur art work is fatastic hui keep it going and you will be famous 1 day :) xxx

Lovely Drawing's
by: Lillian Davison

Hi Cody, your drawing's are brilliant with lot's of detail in them, keep drawing. xx

fantastic pics !!!
by: cheryl-lee newberry

cant believe a 6 year old drew these pics. they are outstanding !!!! keep up the hard work Cody :)

lovely pics by cody
by: linda c

cody your wee pics are great,i love to see them

Cody's Art
by: Nana

These are very good Cody,keep up the good work Nana x

Artist in the making
by: George MCc

Lovely pictures Cody keep up the good work i think you have a great talent xx

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