Practice with Colored Pencil

Bananas on White Paper

In this colored pencil lesson, you'll be applying the techniques learned in Lesson 1 to a still life drawing of bananas. Here's what you'll need:


• White drawing paper or bristol paper

• Pencils: brown, white, light yellow, dark yellow, light green, and light blue

• Regular drawing pencils

• Pink pearl eraser

• 3-5 bananas

Remember, a still life is a drawing or painting featuring an arrangement of objects. For this still life, we will be drawing a bunch of bananas on white paper. We'll be drawing the bananas from life, which means you'll need some real bananas to draw from.

1. To begin, sketch the bananas on the paper with your regular drawing pencil. Look for the basic shapes and lines -- curved, crescent shapes – and establish the size and placement of the drawing on your paper. Erase any stray marks.

2. To color the bananas, begin by using the yellow pencil. You may even choose several different shades of yellow and blend them together.

3. Next, begin applying the other colors you see in the bananas. Chances are the bananas aren't perfectly yellow; most have varying shades of brown and green as well. You can use any of the techniques you practiced: hatching, cross-hatching, contour hatching, stippling, etc. to apply the color.

The bananas in the drawing below have been colored by laying down alternate layers of yellow, brown, green, and even white. Be sure to indicate the shadows between the bananas as well as the shadow on the surface under the bananas. You can color the surface shadow light blue.

You did it! Great job!! Don’t forget to sign your artwork! Choose a color that’s in your drawing and sign your name in the lower right or left-hand corner.


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