Crayola Dream-Makers Children's Art Contest

Crayola has an art contest for students from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Winners of the Dream-Maker's Art Exhibition will have their work published in a beautiful book and receive cash prizes. From

"This year's Dream-Makers Art Exhibition focuses on students' visual expression of what creativity means to them.A select sample of submitted artwork and "Dream Statements" will be exhibited at the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. and its offices around the country.

"Use the following thought starters to engage your students in an exercise exploring creativity or design your own inspirational discussion.

General guidelines:

* Create a Dream Statement to accompany each piece -50 words or less -Consider integrating words or the entire statement into artwork * Use a variety of 2-dimensional mediums and techniques including collage -Use creative techniques such as blowing paint, crosshatching, stamping or tearing. -See Art techniques on for more ideas. * Make pieces no larger than 16 x 20 inches * Create individually expressive works * See How to Enter for specific rules

Ask students of all ages to describe and illustrate where they think new creative ideas come from.

Kindergarten - Grade 1Ask students to:

* Draw abstract ideas like air, sound, movement, taste and smell. Tell the story of the drawing as it happens. * Integrate their thoughts and words into their drawing. * Draw a story beginning with, "Once upon a time..." Tell the story aloud as they draw it. Continue probing by asking, "And then what happened?" * Think about a job that they may do when they are a grown up. How do they envision that? Draw it and write about it.

Grades 2 - 3Ask students to:

* Describe what creativity means to them, write about it and draw it. Encourage them to extract important words and weave them into their artwork. * Look around their surroundings for creative spaces and objects. Discuss why they are creative. Write phrases. Encourage visual expression about the area that inspires them. * Collage a portrait of a creative friend using different kinds of papers and drawings that they tear and cut. Describe why they think this friend is creative. Use words and phrases in the work to emphasize ideas.

Grades 4 - 5Ask students to:

* Discuss what creativity means to them and why it is important in the world. Compare and contrast a world without creativity and a world with it. Write this description and illustrate the contrasting views. * Choose a current issue and think of a creative solution. Write about it and illustrate it. * Write about a creative person either from today or from history. What makes them more creative than others? * Design and construct a portrait by choosing colors, textures, words, etc. that describe this person.

Grades 6 - 12Ask students to:

* Discuss what creativity means to them and why its important in the world. Illustrate problems that could have a creative solution. Draw it and write about it. * Journal about their most creative characteristics. Interview each other. Ask for their impressions. Are they the same or different? Make a visual representation of these characteristics. Explore if their self-assessment is different from their friends impression. Integrate words. * Reflect on creative problem solving. How do they generate solutions? Do they like to work alone or in a team? What environment helps them create? Visually express the process and integrate their thoughts.

"Crayola Dream-Makers has been celebrating children's artwork for 25 years. Students' art and its accompanying "Dream Statement" are key ways for parents, educators and policymakers to gain insight into what students think and feel.

"For more inspiration, see art techniques and lesson plans.

"Submit your K-12 student artwork and statements to be exhibited on

* Take a picture of your students' work with a digital camera (hi-resolution jpeg, 300 dpi). See more detailed information on how to take the picture. * Entries will be juried and chosen for publication in a beautiful hardcover book and to win great cash prizes!

"All artwork must be received by 1/31/10 to qualify. Selected artwork will be framed and exhibited at the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. and its offices around the country."