by Michelle, grade 4
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

I love wild animals and I try really hard to make sure they are safe. Unfortunately oil factories are spreading and a lot of animals especially the fox are in danger. Fox is very interesting animal that comes in different sizes from the tiny Fennec Fox weighting only 3.5 lb to the Red Fox that weights about 30.5 lb!

Michelle, 4th grade, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Comments for Fox

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You know your foxes!
by: Anonymous

Nice to see you love and respect the environment! Such great detail in the fox and tree. Very good job!

rad fox - childrens favourite
by: frend

Beautiful drawing. Rad fox is unuzual popular object
childrens tales and only on this reazon must be live!

by: Marina

Beautiful picture! Very colorful! I also like foxes

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