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Thank you tania!!!!!!!!!
by: Masooma

awwww thanks tania love ur comment
i've put it into my GCSE work now i want to take it out lol i would love to have my own gallery some day!

luv it :)
by: tania

hey masooma
luv ur wrk really proud of you
keep it up go on M-DOG
love tania

by: tania

hey masooma tania hear really proud of you your work is amazing and keep on drawing.

go one M-DOG

love tania

Thank you
by: Masooma Jannah

thank you for ur lovely comments i want to sell da piece and have my art work all over the world i now i sound like a bid dreamer but i want to show the world wat i can do please contact me if you would like this and how much you offer i love this peace as i remember falling in love with tribal tattoos and how they looked amazing, i also remember how it felt to let loose and be free in what i was doing. great memories last longer in the heart

by: Samantha Bell

What a creative piece of art! It has a strong message that comes across well. The design itself is so interesting, crisp, and clean -- I can see why it's a favorite. Great job!

by: Fang

I think your artwork is really creative. I like the idea you based it on!

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