Grand Canyon State Games Art Contest

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From the Grand Canyon State Games website:

The art palette is blank and waiting for you to free your imagination with an array of colors. Draw, paint, decoupage, be innovative artistically as the challenge is on to use creativity and imagination to put your thoughts into art.

The Grand Canyon State Games Art Contest Sponsored by Arizona Office Technologies and presented by PowerAde promotes creativity through art as an effective method for artists of ALL ages (grades K-12, adults ages 19-24, 25+) to express their dreams and ideas for a successful life and a better community.

This contest continues to invite all 47 other State Games to compete in this year's competition. 2011 marks the 19th anniversary of the Grand Canyon State Games. Over the years, more than 429,000 participants have had the chance to enjoy the spirit of competition in sports, games, and an Art / Essay contest.


Entry Form

All artwork must be accompanied by a cover sheet (attached to the back of the work) with the following information about the individual submitting the artwork or it will not be entered into the contest. You can download the cover sheet from the website. You'll find it at the end of the section labeled "Format."

The Cover Sheet should contain the following:

1. Full name.

2. GRADE LEVEL (for youth) and AGE (for adults.)

3. Address (including name of facility, group home or shelter if applicable).

4. Signature in black ink.

5. Name, address, and phone number of adult sponsor.

6. Email

7. Certification by the adult sponsor that the art represents the independent work of the child. Adult entries must have adult artist signature

Rules and Categories

a. Eligibility: All youth-kindergarten through adults 25+. b. Each participant may submit ONLY ONE art piece.

Judging: kindergarten thru grade 12 (13 categories individual by grade), adults 19 to 24 (1 category), adults 25+ (1 category).

c. All entries must be two-dimensional pieces of art no larger than 16"x20".

e. All artwork must be the original design and work of the participant.

f. All artwork submitted will become the property of the Grand Canyon State Games and will not be returned to the participants.

g. Artwork may be used in advertising by all sponsors and the Grand Canyon State Games.


Medals will be awarded for 1st (Gold), 2nd (Silver), and 3rd (Bronze) for each grade level (kindergarten thru grade 12, adults ages 19 to 24, and adults 25+). Winners will be recognized throughout the year at Grand Canyon State Games events.


Artwork must be POSTMARKED no later than October 31, 2011. Address for submission is: Grand Canyon State Games 2120 E. 6th St., Suite #4 Tempe, AZ 85281 Contact us at: (480) 517-9700


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