Holding Dreams

by Krisha
(Orleans, MA USA)



Dream Forever
Live. Laugh. Love. In Heart

My artwork is about... Well art. It just represents that the dreams that I have of drawing are all on my hands and if I try hard enough, I can draw, paint, color, and make about anything in my dreams. I did this with sketch paper and a mechanical pencil. If you got those two things, I am very sure that you will be able to draw the same. I like drawing my hands because they are what I draw with. I never thought myself drawing but my best friend inspired me. She is fantastic at drawing and without her I wouldn't be able to draw a stickman. I don't color in my hands or my drawings sometimes because I think the pencil alone is its true color.

11 years old, going to 6th Grade and love to draw!!

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by: Jen

Wow that is amazing. It's so good. I can't believe you are so young and so talented.

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