magical forest

by Isel, age 10
(Louisville Kentucky U.S.A)

Hi! my name is Isel and i am 10 years old. On my picture i used all charcoal. I used all charcoal because i love the way it glides on the paper and it's easy to shade too. For my surface i used regular paper. I like to use regular paper for charcoal because it's really smooth for the charcoal. the approximate size of my artwork is 18 inches longways and 12 inches (one foot) across. Well i found the limited of trees there were a little bit challenging because i didn't want to go overboard because i usually go overboard on my pictures some times. I found the grass kind of challenging too. I am most pleased with the colors of the trees and the grass, i really liked those colors and the way i drew them a whole lot. From doing this piece i learned to take your time and you can do it if you believe in your self to try. You can do it.

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by: Anonymous

Love charcoal drawings and this is a really nice one - good job!

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