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Ocean Breeze 
i was inspired by a trip i took to Galveston beach when i was 6 years old

Stars by the Sea 

Returning home after fishing 
This is my first post here. I am 14,love to paint and sing. A family is returning after fishing - the mother carries the bunch of fishes and the boy is …


I enjoyed drawing my village

superstar of anime  
the sketches are of my favorite animes . as i mentioned in the title the superstars of anime ,yes they are the superstars of anime for me the sketches …

Hello My name is Victoria I am a self taught 14 year old visual artist. I've been drawing seriously for the only a few months.

Amy Winehouse 
My brother taught me how 2 draw last year, and he sais I've gotten waaaaay me u do not want 2 c my drawings from 2 years ago lol. So anyway …

The Joker 
This is a combination of the Heath Ledger Joker and the Jack Nicolson Joker .. done 12/26/2011 age 11

In the Garden 
What type of media was used (pencil, pen, watercolor, oils, etc.)? Pencil & Water Colour. What surface was used (What did you paint it on -- canvas, …

Whispers of the Wind 
This art is a sketch of a girl listening to the whispers of the wind. I had created this piece last year in the summer, for I felt this girl represented …

"The Mosaic Vase" 
Hello my name is Amritha. I am almost 9 years old. This art was an inspiration from a church window.I thought I could make a vase out of mosaic.


Hi, my name is Amanda. I am 13 years old and this drawing took me 15 hours to do. It is about 2.5ft. by 4ft. squared. At one point, my dog got to it and …

2 Worlds 
I made this artwork when I was 7 years old, 6 years ago. My artwork is called 2 worlds because the unicorn represents the magical world and the dolphin …

frnzz 4 evaa..:) 
i hv made this wid an emagination of a true friend.....a true frnzz stays wid uh even wen u say leave me alone..:*

Hello, My name is Shruti. I am 6 yrs old. I am studying in II class.I have recently drawn this picture and named it as "scenery". I am sending my drawing …

"Crocodile Swim In Water" 
I love animals.

Spray Away! 
My son Maximus is a very talented 10 year old. He is into graffitee and spray cans... When Max was 5 I entered him into a contest at the YMCA during black …

My Santa  
My name is Nauroz. I am 7 years old. Anyway, I won the Kidsday art contest 2011. I also got a writer's award from Kidsxpress. I got an award from the New …

Pegases Unicorn 
Hello, My name is Katreena. I am almost 9 years old. I love to draw and express myself through art. This is my first drawing for a competition. I …

keeping our school green 
This artwork relates to how together we as students can keep it clean.We must try to plant trees in the open areas around the school and around the playground. …

First Impression 
This was a drawing I made when one night my parents were working a late night at the business. I was bored and for fun I told my brother "stay still I …

My Cousin's Birthday Party 
I am Raveeha. I created this art piece the next day of my cousin's birthday. Her name is Anabia. It was her first birthday. I tried to create the scene …

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Glowbee the Purple-Faced Tiger 
This is Glowbee. He is a purple-faced tiger.I like that he has wavy arms and big cat eyes and a very, big smile. He is whispering my name, which is Mara. …

Rainbow Stars 
Me and my friend love to do art pieces together . This artwork is a fun and original . I cute up colorful little pieces of paper shaped as squares and …

"The Orca's Freedom" 
Hi. My name is Savannah and I am 12 years old. This sketch shows an orca whale jumping out of the water and enjoying its freedom. This is a drawing that …

Art Made Easy Monthly Contest 06-11 
Hi! My name is Arsh and I am 6 years old. This is a picture of a happy turtle. I have shown that it can live both on land and in water. I hope …

Art Made Easy Monthly Contest 02-11 
This painting is done by Rachana. She is 11 years old and in 6th grade in Orange, CT. This painting is displayed at the "Art Colony" exhibit. Rachana …

The Sunset 
This drawing is of the sunset behind the mountains in a field of flowers.

my name is h.krithiga i am 8 years old i use pencil i draw it on chartpaper 8*10"

it's my favourite show my name is r.h.swethasri i am 10 years old i use pencil i draw it on chartpaper 8*10" Difficult: leg of the mouse

Spring in a Vase 
I always like to draw flowers. I tried to bring a bit of a spring in a vase

Chinese Junk 
This is a drawing of the ship Chinese Junk.

Happy Pongal 
Pongal Festival in India Hi: Here is a brief note about Pongal festival. It is a harvest festival celebrated in South India. This picture is a typical …

My Name is Lauren. Since one year I live together with my family in Switzerland. Sometimes I miss Australia. There you can see so many beautiful birds! …

Invisible Bird 
My Name is Aaron. I am 7 years old. I draw special this picture for your competition. Sometimes we are so far away from our friends. That’s why my bird …

Butterfly with Flower 
Butterfly with Flower

happy christmas 
hiiiiiiiiiii, am wishing you all a happy christmas I LOVE DRAWING I have used oil pastels on paper

Samantha an American Girl 1904 
My drawing features Samantha Parkington, a young orphan growing up as a bright Victorian Beauty who makes a difference in the world in 1904. Samantha is …

My name is Usman, I am 5-years-old, me and my big brother Momin love to draw. This is a drawing of Trainland where trains run happily day and night. There …

happy birthday to new year 2012 
I am shriya .I am five years old.I drew a new year cake and me,mom,dad are saying 'happy new year' to all people.

My Favorite Twins 
My name is Nauroz. I am 7 years old. Anyway, I won the Kidsday art contest 2011. I also got a writer's award from Kidsxpress. I got an award from the New …

Christmas For Snowmen 
My name is Nauroz. I am 7 years old. Anyway, I won the Kidsday art contest 2011. I also got a writer's award from Kidsxpress. I got an award from the New …

Frosty the Snowman 
My name is Momin, I am 8-years-old, and I love to draw! I like drawing trucks, cars, boats, trains, animals, and dinosaurs. This is my drawing of Frosty …

wet unicorn 
I love to draw the mysterious and imagined creatures which cannot be drawn easily like fairies,unicorns and other things.I love to draw and learn about …

My name is Diana and i'm 14 years old. I made this drawing because i saw that sometimes the younger students are not accepted by the oldest one. I think …

My name is Sabina and i'm 13 years old. I love to paint with tempera and watercolors. This painting is A3 format and represent my favorite season - autumn …

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Hello, My name is Ionita and i'm in the 7th grade in a school from Botosani, Romania. I'm 13 years old. My favorite paintings are flowers and want to …

Alyssa 8 years old I used Acrylic paint on a 11x14" painting panel.

Skipping in the Sea 
Skipping in the sea


Portrait of a girl. 
The artwork is a portrait of a girl done in water color and pencil. The artist is 10 years old and her name is Bella.

A bird in my grandmother's house inspired me to draw this piece. hope it's good!

Hi, my name is Amanda. I am 13 years old and this drawing took me 15 hours to do. It is about 2.5ft. by 4ft. squared. At one point, my dog got to it and …

Sanskriti 9 years I have used only oil pastels in this painting of mine.

the torment of loss 
i am 15 years old. this is a drawing of Frodo Baggins from the Lord Of The Rings which i sketched last night when i couldnt sleep. i have been a fan of …

My love grows for you each day 
I made a drawing about a girl watering these heart flowers because they symbolize her love for a person and her feelings grow stronger every day just like …

Black Beauty 
my name is syed and i am 13 years old. I used a pencil from which i drew this picture on a piece of A4 size paper. I had drawn this and it took approximately …

Black Beauties 
This is my first outstanding artwork i.e. Black Beauties and i have drawn horses. After getting good feedbacks from my parents and friends about my artwork. …

The beautiful flowers..... 
"The beautiful flowers " is a drawing which indicates the beauty of the world and tells us that we must never destroy this beautiful world of ours.

Winter wood 
it has a lot of trees with snow on them there is two wood houses and a bright star of Jesus a purplish sky with little stars too and a little farm next …

Nature Teaches us 
This is my daugther's (S Sreepallavi,India) art work dipicting how nature acts as a teacher to man kind.

The Big Space Adventure 
Many times, I imagine launching rockets. If you pull the lever on you'll get zap to outer space. The robot is keeping watch. I used crayons.

Dotted Horse 
I am 8 years old, I love to draw since I was 2 years old and I am very fascinated with horses! I wanted to paint but I didn't have a paint set at the moment …

This piece is of a red coyote. It was done with acrylics in a canvas. This is one of my favorite works so far and I love to paint and draw.

The Legendary 
crayon on paper Matthew is 10 years old

The mystery man.  
my name is denico and i am 11 my artwork represents a man who is unknown to his closest friends but known to complete strangers. To me art is a way of …

ben ten 
ben ten is a cartoon charector .I love to watch it.

Horse in the Desert 
My name is Claire Mallory and I drew this horse picture freehand. My favorite animals are horses. I started to draw horses when I was 3 years old. …

it is a pencil drawing. It what i think of when i say fast.

it is a tiger, it is my dad fav. pic. that i have drawn.

Cool Bananas 
Crayon on paper

Peace, Love & Springtime 
Marker & crayon on paper.

Music is the food of love, Just let it play on.

get up and dance 
its about the singer that every boby loves pop king mj

Daisy I used oil pastel and watercolor on 12x24 paper to show the beauty of red ladybugs on green leaves. I like the color contrast of red and green. …

Choking Dinasour 

Elvis... I drew this about 2 months ago with a sharpie marker..., i am 15...^_^

"My Friend Nemo" 
After seeing the movie "Nemo" I felt like drawing him.

Eagle Rising 
I used chalk pastels to create this eagle flying into flight. The inspiration for this was becasue there is a bald eagles that live by my house and i think …

Christmas Night 
My daughter, Haiyue, start to dream a gift from Santa Claus, a month ago. And she is also worrying about how he can arrive her home from oversea. She made …

Video Game Character 
My name is Brandon and I am 9 years old. This is a character from the Assassin's Creed video game series. I'm not sure of the character's name. I feel …

"Fall Flare" 
This abstract depiction represents the changing of seasons from summer to fall. These leaves have vibrant colors and shapes that mark an end which leads …

Bare With It 
I was feeling sad after my Dad talked to me about being considerate of others in the family. I drew this picture to express how I felt.

My friend (pencil,charcoal)

Art Made Easy Monthly Contest 11-2011 
I am 7 years old girl.I love kites and art and here is one of mine :).

early bloomer 
it is a rose drawing using graphite and colored pencils.

Art Made Easy Monthly Contest 10-11 

The Whimsical Giraffe 
Giraffes have always amused me. So I thought I would put a different approach on a giraffe. The ears are leaves and there is a circular design on its …


Global Warming (save me from pollution) 
Its a water colour painting by him in that he wants to show that lot of pollution is around and we have to save our nature.

Feminine Face 
It is a woman's face. It was created not too long ago. I'm 11 years of age.

2 Friends 
This is a drawing of my best friend and I talking. I used crayon to color.

Smart Monkeys 
Drawn by 8-year-old Michael during summer break. Media used is pencil water color on a 20lbs copy paper.

Thank you for reviewing my artwork. My name is Elijah and I am 11 years old. I drew this tiger's head because tiger's are my favorite animal. If …

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the couple of lamb 
Im drawing use pencil and crayon. This is the couple of lamb.

A Lady's Portrait 
Hello! My name is Ivan and I am from Balashiha, Russia. I am 7 and 1/2 years old. I like to draw. This is my favorite work. I hope you will like it! …

Summer Eve 
Mini paintings of daisies in the summer night.

My Country's Flag always on top  
My name is Raveeha. I am 4.6 years old. I drew this picture for Independence day of my country 'Pakistan' in the month of August. My teacher liked it very …

Taylor's Lion 
This is another one of my Lions...Hope you enjoy...I actually colored this one with brown and blue markers...I usually draw them with pencil... We homeschool …

The Lion 
This is one of my Lion's. I am inspired by Chronicles of Narnia.. I love, love Lion's.. I drew this with a purple colored pencil.. Hope you enjoy... …

She Wolf 
I love drawing cartoons. Here is one of my best drawings so I hope you like it

Art Made Easy Monthly Contest 09-11 
I named it Peaceful Indian because it has a peace pipe

Art Made Easy Monthly Contest 08-11 #2 
Hi My name is Khushi. I am 10 yrs old.

Art Made Easy Monthly Contest 08-11 
My name is Aimen and i'm 13 years old..this is a sad girl made by me with a pencil few shading colours and finally poster colours..may be i win i use to …

Art Made Easy Contest 07-11 
Sayonee, Age 4+

Art Made Easy Monthly Contest 05-11 
my name is krisha, i am seven years old , one day in the market i saw a ballon seller and then draw and color it.

Art Made Easy Monthly Contest 04-11  
my name is darwin i am 14 years old. This is digital painting so i use computer to draw it

Art Made Easy Monthly Contest 03-11 
Hi, I'm McKenna and I am 12 years old. The Chameleon was drawn with chalk and glue on a piece of 9" X 14" black paper. The most challenging part of this …

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