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Mystery Build Kids Art Activity Challenge - Invent an Animal


Create a unique animal or creature using only the materials provided in a Materials Kit. In addition to the provided materials, contestants may decorate and color their animal with paint, marker, ink, colored pencil, crayon, and other similar products. Contestants may use the cardboard Invent an Animal box as an art material, as well as the glue bottle and anything else inside of the Kit. Take at least one photograph of the Entry and submit it to before 10/21/12. Complete a submission form at


- Contestants may work individually, or in teams, groups, and classes. All members of the team must be between the ages of 6 and 13. The team will be judged in the age category of it's oldest member.

- Contestants may enter the contest multiple times and purchase multiple Kits. The contents of multiple Kits may not be combined in a single entry. However, contestants may submit more than one entry per Kit.

- Designate one photo to be used for contest judging and public voting.

- Contestants may photograph their entry in an environment, or with a background. Background environments will not be considered part of the entry for judging.


Q: How does it work work?

A: It's a fun arts and crafts activity, a unique creative challenge, a chance to share your child's imagination, and an opt in contest with cash prizes. To participate, purchase a Mystery Build - Invent an Animal Art Materials Kit at or from one of our retail locations, or Sales Representatives. Kits are $20.

* CREATE - Work with your child to invent and create an animal using only the materials provided in the Kit. You can decorate your animal using paints, markers, colored pencils, crayons and other similar products.

* SHARE - Take photos of your child's creation and upload them to to share the creature with our community. Fill out a submission form at and describe your animal, it's habitat, daily life, and other fun information about your unique creature.

* ENTER - Submit your child's creation to our free, opt-in contest, and compete to win cash prizes. Winners will be selected by an independent panel of judges and online public voting. Enter using the unique username and password found inside your Kit.

Q: Who can enter the contest?

A: Anyone can get a Materials Kit and participate in the challenge. To enter the contest, your child must be between the ages of 6 and 13.

Q: What are the Prizes?

A: There are $1,000 in cash Prizes. Checks will be in the name of an adult (parent, guardian, teacher, family member, friend, etc.) as specified on your child's submission form.

Ages 6 - 8: 1st Place - $150, 2nd Place - $75, 3rd Place - $25

Ages 9 - 11: 1st Place - $150, 2nd Place - $75, 3rd Place - $25

Ages 12 and 13: 1st Place - $150, 2nd Place - $75, 3rd Place - $25

Public Voting - the entry that gets the most votes will receive the Grand Prize of $250

Q: When does the Contest end? When is the submission deadline?

A: Contest entry submissions are due by 10/21/12 at 12:59 p.m. ET. Submissions Forms and instructions are on-line at

Q: When do we submit our photos?

A: Create your animal and share your photos with the community anytime. If you are submitting your photos to the contest, fill out a Submission Form and upload your photos before the contest deadline 10/21/2012.

Q: Can my children work as a team?

A: Yes. Work individually or in teams, group, or classes. If you are entering the contest, all members of the team must be between the ages of 6-13. Your team will be judged in the age category of the oldest team member.

Q: How many times can we enter the Contest? How many kits can I buy?

A: You can enter as many times as you would like, up to the submission deadline. The contents of multiple Kits may not be combined in a single Entry. However, you may make more than one animal per Kit, and submit each one to the contest!

Q: What materials are in the Kit?

A: All Kits are made up of the same materials, with some random variations in colors. The Kits include construction paper, felt, jumbo pipe cleaners, wooden shapes and dowels, wooden craft sticks, non- toxic air dry putty, elmer's school glue, yarn, wiggle eyes, and more. In addition, participants can use the cardboard Invent-an-Animal box as a material!

Q: Can we use materials not included in the kit to build our animal? Can we add materials?

A: If you are entering the contest then you must create your animal using only the materials in the Kit, with the exception of adding paints and other decorative touches.

Q: Do we have to use everything in the Kit?

A: No. You may choose to use anything in the Kit and the cardboard box itself, but you are not required to use all of the materials.

Q: How many photos do we submit?

A: Share as many photos of your creature as you like. If you are entering the contest, designate one photo to be used for judging and voting.

Q: Can we photograph our creature in an environment, place, or with a background?

A: Yes. You may choose to place your animal in an environment for purposes of presentation. For example, if you create a leaf eating creature you may photograph it in a tree. Backgrounds and environments will not be considered part of the entry for prize judging.

Q: How does Public Voting work?

A: Public Voting opens on 10/29/12 and ends on 11/05/12. Go to and follow the instructions to view and vote for Entries. You can vote once per day

Q: How will we know if we are winners in the contest?A: Winners will be notified by email, telephone or mail after 11/12/12.


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