Nature's Friends

by Balpreet
(Richmond, BC, Canada)

Nature Friends

Nature Friends

I like drawing Nature pictures. I think what I most liked is the tree and the porcupine under it. I tried to create a scene that the porcupine is the tree's friend and its using the tree's shade to cool down. And also that people should stop cutting trees down for they are really necessary for us to cool down and to protect us the sun. What I thought was most challenging was to draw the porcupine and the tree so that it would look like the tree is in the background and the porcupine is in the foreground.

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I love it
by: Melody

This drawing makes me think if animals really are friends! I love the meaning of this picture. If people look deeper maybe they will find it too. :)

by: Anonymous

This drawing makes me so happy! It makes me feel that theres more to nature than i thught! I never thought about all the animals huddled togther, being friends in a forest or jungle. Nevertheless, you are very very creative to come up with something like this! This drawing could even lead to you being a great artist when you grow up!
Keep it up!

by: John.S

Love it!

by: Kelly.F

Hello! Bal your drawing is really great! I think you should win because of your originality. All the other nature pictures are very common. I have never seen anything like this.

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