by Hena, age 9
(Lexington, KY)

Age 9 yrs. Trees growing along the creek in our yard are brown and bare in the winter. In spring and summer they are green and cheerful. They inspired my artwork.

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by: Anonymous


Wow girl!
by: Anonymous

OMG! This is the first drawing I've seen on this website and this is Awsome! Good job!

Excellent Work
by: R.N. Kachroo (Dada Ji)

I have seen the painting it is appreciably remarkable, excellent. Continue Dedication to make it more superb in near future.

God Bless You

Sooo Beautiful !!
by: Aaji

And Perfect , Looks like a Camera Shot !!

My Heart is Full of Joy ! Simply Beautiful !!
by: AABI

My reaction is Only Happiness !!
The caption is also worded Beautifully !!

by: Roy


Excellent! I'm going to show it to my boys (you met them in Hawaii). They both like drawing and will be impressed to see that someone so young drew that.

WOW!!! I went here to look with my friend and the first thing we said was wow
by: Anonymous


Great Work
by: Jyoti Aunty

Good job Hena. We are proud to have such a talented person in the family. Keep it up!!!

Trees along the creek
by: Anita Pande


It is wonderful creation. Your parents should be congratulated for recognising and promoting your talent. And i am sure they are proud of you! Hope to see more such works of art from you.

Pushu mama gives 5 stars*****
by: Pushya Potnis

Wow...amazingly, beautiful peice of genuine art work. Great job. Keep going Henna...!!!

So Good!
by: Anonymous

Can't believe you are only 9! Great relection picture! Great job!

Great Job!
by: Anonymous

Nice job with the reflections in the water.

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