Rose Bud Drawing

To create your own rose bud drawing, begin by lightly sketching the basic shape you see for the bud: an oval. Beginning with this shape helps establish just how big your drawing will be. It's easier to make adjustments to your drawing at this stage, before you've drawn any details. Drawing lightly enables you to erase any stray marks easily.

You can also draw the two straight lines down, which will be the stem of the rose.

Next, let's add some diagonal lines to form the larger petals and the large sepal (the large petal-like leaf in front of the bud). Notice I haven't erased by basic rose shape yet. Take careful notice where these lines meet each other.

Now add the smaller petals at the top, and the two sepals (the two long green leaf-like parts on either side of the flower).

Now that you have your rose in place, draw in the lines again, this time paying attention the curves and angles you see.

As a final step, go back and erase the oval you began with.

You did it! You finished the rose bud!

*Please note: While you can direct a child through this step by step drawing lesson, you will probably find that a child under the age of eight has a harder time understanding the concept of drawing the shape first. If you are trying this lesson with a young child, focus instead on the shapes of the lines and where they connect.


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