Art Made Easy Spring Contest 2012



And we have some winners! The contest was a very difficult one for our panel of judges, but they had to make a decision.

Remember, if you didn't win, it doesn't mean your artwork wasn't well-done. It just means that for this time, this contest, the judges chose a different piece. While there is skill and creativity involved in making art, it's important to remember that art is subjective -- one person may prefer a certain piece, while another person may choose something very different.

The winning artwork was decided based on the use of the medium (with the age of the entrant in mind), composition, creativity, and adherence to the theme.

Congratulations on ALL WHO ENTERED! You did fantastic work!


AGES 5 and Under: "Crane on a Rock" by Darsh

AGES 6 - 10: "Fuji Mountain in Spring" by Stephanie

AGES 11 - 14: "Beautiful Nature" by Manikumaran

AGES 15 - 17: "Roar of the Sea" by Nidhi


Ages 5 and Under: "My Flower" by Naurah

Ages 6 - 10: "The Family Panda" by Julie and "Reflections" by Hena

Ages 11 - 14: "Naturally Hawaii" by Joseph

Ages 15 - 17: "Maryland Sail" by Patrick

It's springtime, which means it's time to get outdoors and create! It also means it's time for a new contest from Art Made Easy!


For this contest, send in your best nature artwork. Subject matter includes landscapes, wild animals and birds, flowers, trees, waterfalls, oceans, etc. No people or anime for this contest, though. But don't worry -- we'll have those contests this year too.

In the meantime, if you have other artwork to share, please post it in our Kids' Gallery.


*Only one entry per person.

*Entry form must be filled out completely, including the age of the entrant.

*Contest is divided into four age groups:

1. Ages 5 and Under

2. Ages 6-10

3. Ages 11-14

4. Ages 15-17

*Entries can be made from any 2-dimensional medium, including pastel, oils pastel, pen, pencil, charcoal, acrylics, watercolor, oils, mixed media and collage.

*To upload an entry, you may either scan a copy of the artwork or take a photograph. If taking a photograph, be sure the photo shows the artwork clearly.

**DEADLINE TO ENTER: May 31, 2012


The first place winner in each age category will receive an art prize package and be added to our "Featured Artists" page. Runners up in each category will also be included as "Featured Artists".

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Ready to Enter?

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Other Entries

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Dark Clouds 
name - Rudra age-13 created at- Adobe Photoshop

Hi, Kiruba 4 years old

Flowers of Spring 
My brother, 15, took a lovely photo in my garden of our newly bloomed daisies! Me, being 13, decided to draw them. I edited them a little too! I love …

Foggy Horizon 
Watercolor painting done over couple of weeks with slight use of pastel.

Sunflower and friendzz 
I love flowers and I think they are always friends with the bees, butterflies, birds, suns, sky and to almost everything. I love to imagine them dancing …

The Horse 
I love horses. I have been learning to ride and find them fascinating animals. I hope to own a horse farm one day where I can raise animals, and ride …

Bird of Beauty 
I LOVE drawing birds! I choose this one because it shows the bird's personality.

tadpoles and pond 
Geoff, Aged 6 "A picture of the tadpoles in the pond that my dad dug in the back garden".

When my family was on vacation in Arizona, we saw a lot of hummingbirds. I think they are amazing birds.

Age 9 yrs. Trees growing along the creek in our yard are brown and bare in the winter. In spring and summer they are green and cheerful. They inspired …

Sun and Mountains 
Name: Jeffin Age - 8yrs

My fish 
My fish, i love My Name is Trakash Age-5 Yr

I love My Nature 
It is drawing on Nature and I love it very much like loving my family I love my nature because it has given me so many things, like tree, sun, birds, …

Our Cat Jasmine 
This is a picture of my cat Jasmine.

Spring Meadow 
This is a nature picture at spring time. My picture is of animals and birds and a beautiful waterfall with rocks. There is also a beautiful rainbow reaching …

A4 size paper using pencils, crayons and markers.

Peacock Forest 
I choose to draw peacock because I enjoy drawing this animal. Peacock and flowers are one of the items I just love to draw. I put two peacocks because …

Name: Meghana age: 4 years

Spring season 
Name: Sripriya age: 8 years I like the nature in my art work.

Crane On rock 
Name: Darsh State:Rajasthan Country:India

Sewing Home 
name: Sumiran Age: 14 yrs State : Andhra Pradesh Country: India

My Village 
Name: Tanisha age: 7 yrs State: Rajasthan Country : India

Flipper the Bottle Nose Dolphin 
Danielle, 9 Years Old Colored Pencils.

The Great Horned Owl 
Ryan, 7 years old Colored pencils.

Colorful Parrots and Daisies 
Hi , I am Keertana and I am 6 years old. Spring is the season that brings out flowers. It is not too cold or too hot. It seems to be just right for birds …

Baby Bluejays in Spring 
Hi, My name is Ishaan and I am 6 years old. Spring is the time when baby birds are born !

Tulips and Butterflies 
Hi ,My name is Hannah and I am 5 years old. I love spring because I can see beautiful flowers and chase butterflies in the park. I love drawing and painting. …

I love wild animals and I try really hard to make sure they are safe. Unfortunately oil factories are spreading and a lot of animals especially the fox …

Spring Time Flowers Galore! 
My name is Brianna. I am 13 years old. I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and I am self taught. I would love to be an artist or fashion …

The Fierce and Brave Tiger 
My name is Tulesia and am 12yrs old. My picture tells about the fierceness of a tiger. The reason i drew this picture is because i love nature.The hardest …

Sunset is beautiful! 
My artwork is a Sunset, waterfall with trees that represent the beautiful part of nature. I picked this subject because I found it interesting, a mix …

Zakia's Nature Art 
This is a picture of Save The Frogs Art .

Wild Flowers 
My name is Jack. I am 6 years old and I love to paint and draw.

The Four Nymphs at Midnight 
When people hear the word nature, most conjure up beautiful landscapes or plants in their heads. I tried to create something special and different by having …

Natures Bird 
My name is Austin and I am 10 years old. I live in Hiram Georgia. I am going into 5th grade next school year.

Nature our best friend 
i have made this painting with oil pastels and water colours

A Tree 
I love drawing & arts and also like subject of nature. I drawing a tree in the morning. This tree near the river at my beautiful village.

Peacocks sit on a rock  
Peacock is our National Bird and it is so beautiful, so I tried to draw the picture. I used oil pastels to color it.

Owl by Trinity, 4 years old

The Wild Side 
I drew this for a softball teams banner.

sunny summer day 
HI my name is G. JATIN i am 11 years old i used crayons to do tis drawing.... i love drawing

Annie's animal drawings. 
My name is Annie, I am 8 years old. I like to draw animals specially lions, dogs, tigers, cheetas, horses and many other animals.

Mamma Bird & Little Bird 
Mamma Bird & Little Bird By Jonathan "J.P."

Orca Family  
I drew this picture with markers after I watched the movie Free Willy. I love the ocean and butterflies and sunsets and nature. …

Thirsty Crow 
Once upon a time, there lived crows in a jungle of India. In the summer, there were no water around the jungles and two crows left the jungle in search …

Ocean Sunset 
I chose the ocean sunset for two reasons, the beach/ocean is so quiet and surreal. I do my best relaxing and thinking while at the beach.

beauty of nature 

Atlantic Puffin 
I drew this picture for my mom on mother's day, as this is her favorite bird.

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Colorful Beautiful Butterfly 
I love butterflies. They come in many colors and many shapes. They are beautiful. They make everyone happy with lot of colors.

Vicious Wolf! 
My name is Eric and I am seven years old. Here is my drawing of a vicious wolf!

Nurturing Nature 
in this painting i showcase me and my sister planting a tree or nurturing nature



magical forest 
Hi! my name is Isel and i am 10 years old. On my picture i used all charcoal. I used all charcoal because i love the way it glides on the paper and it's …

Colorful Flowers in the Sun! 
"I drew this picture, because I love to draw. I like flowers because they sometimes smell good! I like the sun, because it keeps you warm, and I like butterflies, …

Natural scenery 
i am aparna.s i love drawing.:) when i saw d topic nature, only this drawing came into my mind. i used colour pencils. hope u il like it. thanx. …

Water Melon: Summer Soother 
Ghaziabad, UP (India)

my flower 
naurah, 3 years old beauty This art work is made by using crayon.

Beautiful Nature  
I like nature very much without pollution which damages our environment and nature.

i picked this picture because it brings the spring to life

In the Forest 
My name is Justin. I drew this picture because there is a forest by my house and this reminds me of it. I drew a snake on the ground because I once saw …

Nature's Friends 
I like drawing Nature pictures. I think what I most liked is the tree and the porcupine under it. I tried to create a scene that the porcupine is the tree's …

Spring is here - art made by natural materials 
Hello , we are The International Preschool in Guldheden, Goteborg, Sweden. This are our artworks made from a natural materials. The kids in our …

The family panda 
I chose to draw the pandas because panda is one of the endangered animals. Panda is so cute and I love the "Kungfu Panda" movie. I wish everyone can work …

Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Ambedkar 
I am 12 yrs old and living in Delhi NCR

this is a picture painted from a photograph that i no longer have. it took me forever to finish painting it and i found this contest so i figured i should …

Stepping Stones 
This is a scenery drawn using oil pastels where the beauty of the rainforest is captured by the enticing colours reflected by the water, as opposed to …

At the Beach 
It's a zig zag composition and it took me 3 weeks to do the different layers and techniques. Hope you like it!

Loving & Caring "Mother Earth" 
I'm using pastels colors in my drawing. As every mother loves and take care of their children, the same way mother earth takes care and love all of us …

The Hungry Kids 
I like birds. I also like to feed them. So I like this picture a lot! -Arjun

big cat in the jungle 
Name: Betty Age: 6 Country: Australia

elephant having a bath 
This is a picture of an elephant enjoying itself.I am 11 years old.I have used crayons in my drawing.

Shell and Snail by the ocean. 
This artwork done by Clare. She is a sudent of an art studio "ARTISHOCK" located in Wheeling, IL USA - She is the talented young …

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Spring Beauty 
I love Cherry blossoms so I decided to choose to draw it. Then i looked at my rough draft and it seemed to be missing something. Then, when i added a bird …

A Close-up On Spring! 
My artwork features a "close-up on spring" with water droplets, flowers, and needles on a bush.

Little Bird 
My name is Savannah, and I'm 8 yrs. old. I've been drawing and coloring for as long as i've been able to hold a crayon. I like to draw everything! I want …

sprint towards destiny 
I chose to draw a wolf that was running because it always seems like there are things we need to get done in a hurry during spring time.


This is a wildflower i drew that i found in my yard

Raining Sakura 
For my piece I drawed Sakura trees making a tunnel along a river of Koi fish. The Sakura petals are falling like rain and covering the pond. I used water …

spring bunny 
I drew a bunny waking up at springtime and going for a walk. I drew it because i love bunnies, there're so cute and tiny!!!!

Family of Trees 
I like to take care of these trees. They live in my yard. I give them baths and make them pretty with dandelions.

Fishing in Nature 
What type of media was used (pencil, pen, watercolor, oils, etc.)? Pencil & Oil Pastel What surface was used (What did you paint it on -- canvas, watercolor …

Sailing at Sunset 
My name is Mackenzie and I love to draw! I like boats and pretty sunsets so that's why I drew this picture. I hope you like it!

Naturally Hawaii 
My name is Joseph. I chose to do a drawing of some of our rare animals to can only be found in Hawaii. The I'iwi bird is bright red and it found in Hawaiian …

Mountain On Kite 
My name is Ivander from Indonesia. I'm 5 years old. I drew this picture on a kite.

Maryland Sail 
This work was done in pencil and white pencil.

House on the Hill 
This work was done in pencil.

I am Ankitha C , I am 11 Years old. Nature is very essential to Human life. So we secure Nature.

Peace and Love on earth 
I love environment and mother earth. I have been involved in many reduce, recycle and reuse projects. In my picture I am expressing to take of mother earth …

I painted a butterfly because it is my favorite insect.

Freedom for Children 
Hello, I'm Yasemin from Istanbul,Turkey. I am 8 years old. I used oil pastels for my picture. I feel free when I am out of the city and run in the nature. …

My colorful bird is flying in magic castle city. 
Hi. My name is Enoch. I am 4 years old. i created my picture. in this picture, there are night and daytime together. At daytime it has night time of …

Live Life With Lots Of Laughter <3 
Hi, I'm Kaeleigh. I am 14 years old. i was inspired to create this watercolor crayon piece of art while looking at flowers blooming in my garden. I like …

Raccon in a tree.


Human And Nature 
my artwork shows the three components of biosphere , flora , fauna and human and they all are connected to each other.

Asia Spring time. 
Hi, My name is Winnie, I am 11 years old. I decided, since I am from Asia, and the scenery is beautiful there, I painted a picture with cherry blossom …

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My name is Bodhini and i am 7 years old. I drew this picture because of 2 things. 1.I love free wild animals. 2.I have a baby sister. so I thought of …

I love Greenery 
my daughter's bio data who made this art Name Leena Age 5 years Grade K.G

The Producer 
The is a sketchig of a cow in nature part of everyday life.

NATURE by Scott B. 
this is a drawing that i did becouse i was eager for a contest. I picked the subject becouse i found it fun.i found it challenging becouse of the shading. …

Golden Dunes and Blue Waters 
Name: Samidha Age: 5 years

The deserted Tree 

cardinals in snow 
I love birds and snow. I dont get to see birds in winter so I drew this picture.

Snake wrapped around a tree branch 
Hi, My name is Ashwat. I love snakes and have chosen to draw a snake here.

roar of the sea 
Hi, My name is Nidhi. I am 16 years old and I am Ever since I was young, I have always had an interest for the arts. In my painting I focus on abstract …

Spring Day 
I choose to make this picture because I thought that those animals represented spring. I also like those animals.

Bridge Of Nature 
This is a picture of the central park bridge, a beutiful thing. If you have been u know what I'm talking about!

Hi I am 13 years old I made this drawing just for fun. I hope you guys like it (:

Nature's Greatest Gift 
I chose to draw a flower because the contest was all about nature. When creating the flower I had to challenge myself to try to draw petals in perfect …

Bird on the Water 
This is a picture of a bird on the water, a frog and birds going away. The red thing is a hammock.

In dis, i drew a CHEETAH- d fastest runner i used colour pencils. i hope u il like it.:)

The Beauty of Nature 
I chose to paint a scenery with a panda because I love everything about these amazing creatures and how beautiful they are without any abundant full of …

Japanese Garden 
My name is Allissa Payne. I am 16 years of age. For this piece I happen to make it for a school project and thought it was the perfect picture to enter …

One Of A Kind  
By Jenny, age 13

Nature is beauty 
Retaining the nature green will make our place the best and peaceful place for live in, Drawing landscape will give room for a lot of creativity; we …

Fuji Mountain in Spring 
This is painting of Mount Fuji, which Stephanie painted after her trip to Japan last month. She express her amusement of the beauty she saw during the …

sping chills 
this is a drawing i made in april. though it isnt spring i think this drawing really represenst the true meaning of springtime. its a lonley bridge with …

Our colourful friend 
I have chosen to draw a tiger because they are one of my favouring animals. The colours on his for represent the beauty of spring.

Freddy Frog 
I have always loved drawing and I have never drawn a frog before so I thought I might try it out. I hope you give me the chance to win.

Save earth 
Title of my drawing is "SAVE EARTH" I have chosen it bkz every where in the worlled it became achalenge to save earth due to increasing pollution day to …

14 years old

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Nature's Imagination 
My design is something I would imagine happening in nature! I hand drew my design but the side got cut off. :( Comment on my page!

Desert Flowers in Bloom 
I live in a desert, so I decided to draw a small cluster of flowers on a ledge near my house. It was very peaceful there, despite the bees, and even they …

I picked a hummingbird to draw because hummingbirds are beautiful.

Thunderstorm of a Tree 
After a thunderstorm, I saw this near a tree. It was misshapen like a toy.

The night of nature 
If my picture cannot be seen go to

Floridian Flowers 
I chose to draw the flowers because it pretty much sums up everything I love, flowers, nature, and art! Something I found challenging in the project would …

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