Spring is here - art made by natural materials

by The international preschool
( Goteborg, Sweden)

Hello ,

we are The International Preschool in Guldheden, Goteborg, Sweden.

This are our artworks made from a natural materials. The kids in our kindergarten group were happy to collect those bark, seeds, sticks and cones during our regular field trips in the botanical garden. We love the nature and we really had a great fun to make this crafts. We hope you will like them too.

Our kids are in the first age group:
Ages 5 and Under

Best regards

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by: Teddy

So beautiful and inspiring! I think i can copy some of your ideas, if you dont mind :-)

It's amazing!
by: silva

It's amazing! I've never seen before so beautifull "naturel art"! Spring is here - that is true! The Earth and Spring are children's!

Children art
by: Kerstin

Hey Elena! I like your work, and is good to see that you support the children to make something from "nothing"!! cause they are much creative if we let them! nice.

* like*
by: Sasa

It's very nice to see art made from natural. children feel the nice things! good idea! good work!

by: Yosry Sabry

Wonderful !

by: Mido

Amazing work the kids do with this activity.

i like ..
by: Yosry SAbry

Wonderfull !!!

by: Anonymous

It is beautifull!

by: Afrouz

The art works that you have made are incredible! I would love to have one of them on my office wall. Good job!

by: D. Dimova

Simply amazing! Is it made by children? I wish I were a child creating something so wonderful. I admire your work. Keep it up ...

by: Galya Marinova

Beautiful and natural.

One interesting artworks
by: Anonymous

Dear Elena. I look your artworks from naturals materials.Is very nice and interesting for these kids.
best regards

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