2012 State Fish Art Contest


Wildlife Forever sponsors the State Fish Contest for children in grades 4 to 12. Students can choose any state fish, not just their own, and create a picture of it. Any two-dimensional media can be used, including pencil, pen, crayon, watercolor, acrylics, etc.

There are three winners from each state, one for grades 4 - 6, one for grades 7 - 9, and one for grades 10 - 12. Get started, kids! The deadline for entering is March 31.

What are the State Fish? You can find them at here. Wildlife Forever also has them listed by the individual states. These pages also provide other information about the fish, such as identifying features, habitat, feeding behavior, and more.

Here's the information from the website:

"The STATE-FISH ART Contest is open to children in grades four through twelve attending public, private, or home-schools in the United States or International. Only one entry per child will be accepted.

The following is only an overview ... Visit the Wildlife Forever website for the complete list of rules and requirements.

1. Portfolios will be judged on the quality of the artwork and the essay.

2. The artwork must call attention to any officially designated state-fish or Ontario, Canada designated fish. The fish must be depicted in its natural habitat. Information about the eligible fish species is available on our official fish-list page.

3. All artwork must be the student's original, hand-done creation. Photographs and computer-generated artwork will not be accepted.

4. All artwork must be horizontal, 8.5" x 11" OR 9"x12" without a mat, frame or border. Art techniques may include (but not limited to) oils, acrylics, scratch-board, pointillism, chalk, colored pencil, charcoal, dry brush, watercolor, crosshatch, lead, collage, linoleum printing, or crayon. (Please note: if contestants use chalk or lead they should seal it with an appropriate adhesive).

5. Artwork must not exceed 1/4 inch in total thickness.

6. No lettering, signatures, or initials may appear on the front of the design. Any artwork with such identifying characteristics will be disqualified and eliminated from the competition.

7. Use a CLEAR GLUE STICK to affix your completed entry form to the back of the artwork. PLEASE ... DO NOT STAPLE, PAPER CLIP OR TAPE....it damages the artwork!

8. Completed portfolios must include an essay not to exceed one page in length. The essay should be related specifically to the characteristics of your chosen state-fish, its habitat, behavior, or efforts to conserve it. The essay must include the student's name and address. Submit the essay with the artwork but PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH IT ... for less damage to the artwork. We will match the two up ... Thank you!