Tee Juice Weekly Art Contest

(US and Canada)

Tee Juice Fabric Art Markers can be used to create colorful and exciting designs on almost any type of fabric. And TeeJuice.com offers a weekly contest to show off what you've made! Here are the particulars from the Tee Juice website:

"The TeeJuice.com contest is open to residents of the United States & Canada. The only requirement of the artwork is that it must be done, at least in part, with Jacquard Tee Juice Fabric Markers.

There are 8 contests each week consisting of 4 themed categories and 2 age groups. Prizes are awarded in each contest for which there are valid entries—8 prizes available each week.

You may increase your chances of winning by entering as often as you like in as many categories as you like but each entrant can only be awarded one prize per week.

Any given artwork may be entered only once, ie. you may not enter the same piece in two different categories or at two different times.

Parents or guardians posting for children may create an account for each child—that gives each child a better chance of winning each week.

Four Themed Categories:

We've tried to make our four themes broad enough to cover everything. If you're not sure which theme your entry fits in just pick whichever seems the closest.

* Fun & Games: this is the fun, goofy, cutsie, silly theme for things that make you smile, or even LOL or ROFL.

* The Edge: politcal statements, satire, social commentary, graffiti, or any edgy looking artwork.

* Beauty & Beast: the ooh-aah! or maybe even ugh! theme— this is kind of a catch all for anything that doesn't fit in the other themes.

* Holiday/Seasonal: any seasonal images will do but, of course, images of the current season and upcoming holidays will have the edge here.

Two Age Groups:

* 12 and under: with the themes above, youngsters now have four ways to win each week. Judging is age appropriate so younger youngsters have as good a chance of winning as older youngsters. Winners can select their prize from four fantastic collections of art materials each valued at more than $50.00 each.

* 13 and up: again four ways to win with the above themes. Winners can select their choice of prize from six incredible sets of art materials valued at more that $100.00 each!"

For a complete list of the rules, terms, and conditions, click here.

To view the prize packages, click here.