The Horse

by Kate, age 10
(Hartland, WI)

I love horses. I have been learning to ride and find them fascinating animals. I hope to own a horse farm one day where I can raise animals, and ride for hours.

I used an ebony black pencil to create what I would like my dream horse to look like!

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by: Anonymous

Kate! It's your friend from school. AMAZING JOB!

by: Ms. B

I'm so proud of you for not only taking the initiative to pursue your interests in art, but for also taking the time and effort to share your artwork with others. Well done Kate!
Ms. B (Your art teacher!)

Great Style!
by: Grandma Linda

Dear Kate. .
I really like your drawing of the horse! What you have done, maybe unintentionally, is create an artistic representation of a horse's head and that is what art is: it shows us another interesting way to see something we think we already know.

Keep on drawing and be creative as you wish to be. Art is also about experimenting and maybe your throw away 9 drawings, but the 10th one will be really good because you discovered something that works, maybe even something really little, in all the other ones.

I will look forward to seeing more of your drawings in about a month.

Lots of love, Grandma Linda

what a great horse pic
by: Anonymous

Well, as far as great horse pictures are concerned, this one, Kate, is right near the top.

Keep up your art work; I see real talent.

Don't forget to watch the Belmont Stakes--it's coming soon and may show us the first triple crown winner in years.

Keep up the good work,

From: Anonymous horse picture admirer.

Young artist
by: New York Met Museum of Art

Love it. Keep drawing. (Dad)

Great Drawing!
by: Anonymous

i love the detail in the horse - good job!

Kate's Horse
by: Grandma Pat

Pencil art has always been a favorite of mine.

Kate, your pencil art of your favorite interest is
outstanding. I just love it.

You will have to tell Grandpa Ron and I all about
your technique.

Hugs, Grandma Pat

Beautiful Drawing
by: Aunt H

Love this picture - it is a beautiful drawing!

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