The Wild Side

by Ryan
(Oakland, NJ, USA)

I drew this for a softball teams banner.

Comments for The Wild Side

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The Eye Of The Tiger
by: Nick

Great job Ryan! Keep up the good work.

Lovin the tiger
by: Anonymous

Nice job Ryan!

by: Janet B

Wow you did a fantastic job Ryan!!!!!

by: Susan Rahaman

You captured the mood. Very fierce. Great job Ryan!!!

by: Medardo


Awesome job on the details, keep it going you have alot potential.

All the best in the future.


Great Picture
by: Anonymous

Nice picture. Love the details.

by: Anonymous

awesome job!

by: Anonymous

This is amazing. Makes me want one for a tattoo.

Sweet tiger!
by: Anonymous

Sweet tiger!

by: Donna

What an awesome job!!!!

The wild side
by: Anonymous

Awesome picture!

by: Dan

Looks like I found my next Tattoo!!! Very Nice artwork!

by: uncle greg

super job ryan....keep it up!!

by: Schnookie

You rocked it!

Cool tiger!!
by: Gab

Awsome job Ryan! Love the detail in the pic:)

by: Super Mario

OUTSTANDING! Looks better than a real tiger!

Great stuff!
by: Uncle Bill

Wow, what a tiger! next is Neija and Ranger right? you can dooo it.

Highly Impressed
by: Kristy

Wow Ry, this drawing is amazing.. I am so proud of you!!!! What a truly talented artist you are :)

by: Kathleen

This is a beautiful drawing! You are so talented. Good luck!
Your Cousin, Kathleen

Nice Job!
by: Anonymous

Great detail... very nice!

by: Anonymous

I saw this drawing and can't believe it was done free-hand, so beautiful! You are really talented!

Thanks Ry
by: Anonymous

I never did get a chance to tell you thank you. I knew you would draw an awesome tiger for the team banner. Your drawing made the banner. Thanks, buddy. xoxo...

Ryan Drawing
by: Chuck V

GREAT drawing.
Should send it to Tiger Schulman Karate since it looks better then the tiger they use now.


Ryans picture
by: Kelly

This is such an aewsome picture!!! Great job Ryan!! You are an incredible artist!!

wow !
by: vin

Stunning work that captures the majesty and ferocity of a wild tiger.8t

Very realistic!
by: Kristen

Great job with this very realistic portrayal of a tiger! Hope that you win! Don't forget the little people when you make it big!

by: Anonymous

Nice pic

Ryan Drawing for Banner
by: Debbie Venedam

Wow, what a great looking drawing. Captures the ferocious expression a tiger generates. I also think it would look great on team tee shirts. Great job... Debbie Venedam

by: Patricia

What a great drawing with so much detail.....would love to see more of your pictures proud of grandma

by: James

Great job Ryan! That looks awesome!

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