Tree On Mt. Hood

by Taylor, age 12

Originally this was drawn as a homework assignment for art class, in which we were supposed to conseal a passion of ours in a common item or ordinary thing. I drew a tree seen on the ski lift to the top of Mount Hood during mountian biking season, because I have ridden bikes since I was 4, first racing BMX then adding mountain biking when my mom married a mountain biker.

I really enjoyed drawing this. It took a while, but if there is one thing art has taught me it is patience (or maybe how to draw, but next is patience.) I tried not to go too dark with the shading, which I have a problem of doing so I can fit more shades in.

I hope you enjoy my piece!

Comments for Tree On Mt. Hood

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This is very cool
by: The Art Whisperer

Well done...Its mysterious and beautiful, I like the details.

by: Carrie

Your are very talented! Be sure to keep drawing to keep improving. Art is something that you can enjoy for your whole life.

by: an unknown artist

wow!,that is an awesome tree i am rlly close to drawing like that but yea i sometimes get hard on the shading too but other than that i am close cool drawing keep it up!! :)

by: Anonymous

that is truly amazing i know i would never be able to draw something even close to that ever

Good job!
by: Stacie

Whoa...! Great job!

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